"Let the gratefulness overflow into blessing all around you. Then, it will be a really good day." Louie Schwartzberg
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Blog Withdrawal, School Holidays and a Patient

posted by Susan Dominikovich on

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It's been two days since my last post and I am definitely in blog withdrawal.  However I know it is not so much the writing and creatively expressing myself that I miss as it is about having the space in which to do so.  Two words:  school holidays.  And another two:  patient husband.  Not the adjective, mind you, the noun.  My husband is the patient.

School holidays started on Monday, two days ago.  We had a very long twelve week term which means the holidays are later than usual and it certainly feels more like winter than autumn at the moment.  It has been raining for four days and we've had thunderstorms.  My children are going stir crazy.  We are all going stir crazy.  I did manage a bit of a shopping excursion with my girls yesterday (new boots!) because to be honest, we all needed some retail therapy.  We are girls, after all. 

At the same time as the holidays began, Paul went in to the hospital to have four teeth removed.  He was under the impression that he might be a bit under the weather for a day or two.  Day three and the codeine is still never far from reach.  He is not a happy chipmunk.  And I really do not blame him.  I have seen the teeth that came out.  I understand his pain.

So our family life at the moment is a little bit...understated...and I have felt bad that the children haven't had any outings (besides shopping) or playdates.  But then I look at the skills they are learning and I think, maybe we are actually doing something right.  They are learning independence for a start, as they get up in the morning, get themselves breakfast, get themselves dressed, let out the dog, do their hair, etc (no, I did not get any teeth removed, but I do like to lie in).  And they are using their imagination to create dramas and stories that they enjoy acting out.  Aragorn and Arwen are never far away so they definitely have some playdates.  They have also been incredibly helpful, making soup for daddy and getting me cups of tea and toast (as I lie in each morning). 

Perhaps understated might be a good thing once in awhile, a real break from the rush of life.

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