"Let the gratefulness overflow into blessing all around you. Then, it will be a really good day." Louie Schwartzberg
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On being Vulnerable and an Introduction

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Who am I?

It isn't possible to blog at this level, to write of things that you hope will challenge, provoke, sometimes entertain and possibly even inspire others, without also being vulnerable.  If I were worried about privacy or how to share without sharing too much, there would be no point in even writing one more word.  And I, like everyone, have had experiences which make me far more guarded and protective than ever before.  But therein lies the point.  I've been on a journey.  A crazy one.  Everyone is on a journey and everyone has a story.  A great story.

I love other people's stories and I follow their blogs.  I have conversations with people and I ask questions.  I am not afraid to push a little deeper; I am not afraid that I may appear to be prying.  In my experience, people yearn to tell their stories.  I rarely get the brush off.  And there is a reason for this.  People need to tell their stories because they yearn to be connected.  In her research into shame and vulnerability Brene Brown discovered that the people to whom she refers as "whole-hearted" are people who "understand that what makes them vulnerable, makes them beautiful."  These are people who have courage, compassion and connection with others, and I love that Brown defines courage as "to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart."  Whole-heartedness.  The secret's out; my journey of vulnerability is in fact my desire to be whole-hearted.

So who am I and what do I think I have to offer the world by sharing my story, my ideas and my journey on such a platform?

Me and Paul

I am a Canadian living in a small town in New Zealand called Inglewood, the heart of northern Taranaki.  This is a place where wild meets tame.  It is domestically beautiful and sublimely awe-inspiring all in the same landscape.  I am married to my kiwi soul-mate of 17+ years who brings out the very best in me and with whom I am madly in love.  Together we have four crazy, wonderful, talented, infuriating, hilarious children who sometimes make me cry and always make me laugh.

Abigail, Violet, Madeline, Sam

My babies are all at school now so I sometimes teach in local primary classrooms and sometimes write but often meet my people to talk, cry, laugh, and drink coffee.  And to shop.  I do love to shop.  And I love to cook.  Italian food, Italian recipes and Italian books are my weakness.  I love people but I am quietly introverted.  I love children, rivers, mountains, wood pigeons, dogs, basketball, music, theatre, art, movies, poetry, books.  I love beautiful things.  I love life.

And most importantly, I am a woman of faith.  I love Jesus Christ truly and deeply.  He is the foundation of my marriage, my parenting and my relationships with others.  That is not to say however, that I never get anything wrong in these areas of my life!  That is part of my journey as I yearn to live a life that is "more of Him and less of me." (John 3:30).  He is the foundation of my writing.

In a nutshell, I am Susan Dominikovich...

Child of God

And this is what I have to offer:  I offer myself, whole-heartedly.

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