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On Creativity and God's Giftings in my Daughters

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This is not a skite moment.  This is my true and honest self wondering about gifts and creativity, in awe of God really as I observe just a smidgeon of what He has worked out in my daughters' lives.

My daughters are all amazingly creative.  I know I can write creatively and I am musically creative but I do not have an artistic bone in my body...unless of course it is a gift yet to be discovered. I am not closed to that possibility.  I have taken up drawing and I have dabbled in card-making and paper-craft.  Both disciplines have shown me up for my limitations when it comes to art:  I can follow instructions and copy, but I cannot create something out of nothing.  If you ask me to draw a horse, I will say, I cannot do that.  I do not know how.  I do not even know where to start.  It is too hard and I know my limitations.  And even with writing and music, I still have days where it is all too hard and I believe I have met my match.

So you will understand my awe and wonder at some of the amazing things that come from my girls' hands.  Last year Madeline was selected to join a small group of girls who all worked on  a wearable arts theme.  She planned, designed, sewed and modelled her dress.  She never once got to the point of saying, "I cannot do this it; this is too hard."  She believed in herself, with no limitations.

Madeline seems to have a natural talent and has produced some amazing artwork at school that is displayed in pride of place, on the principal's office wall.  More importantly, she knows she can do it.  She's had enough successes to produce in herself a firm sense of belief in her talent.  And like her sisters and brother, she is being raised to know that she is God's creation and she is beautiful.  He has plans for her and that if He's given art to her as a gift, He will want to use it in her.  What a privilege!  And she accepts this gift without reluctance or question.

Violet and Abigail, are either equally as talented or are trying hard to keep up with their big sister.  Probably a combination of both.  They have spent the majority of the school holidays so far creating paper dolls of their classmates.  Violet's are on the left, wearing their uniform and Abigail's are on their right in mufti.

I love that they came up with the idea and just went ahead and made it happen, never considering for a moment their own limitations or skill-base or wether they had suitable resources available.  If a leg was torn off one of the dolls because it was drawn too thinly, it was reinforced with cellotape.  As simple as that.  I was the one who had to put my foot down and tell them there was not enough paper to complete the entire classroom.  Mean, I know.  But I was a little tired of all the bits of paper that littered my lounge.  Creative and talented, yes, they are.  Tidy, no.

I admire my little girls' sense of self-belief.  I admire that they have no excuses when it comes to creativity. I wish I could say the same about myself.  Nothing is too challenging for them and they never complain that they do not have the right materials at hand.  I admire that they are not afraid to try something, perhaps fail, but then look for another solution to bring their ideas into fruition.  I pray that this sense of belief and security in themselves and in what God has given them will not fade as they grow up.  I pray that they will never grow reluctant to use God's gifts, or so self-deprecating that they question the gifts in the first place. 

Abigail and Violet, 7

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