"Let the gratefulness overflow into blessing all around you. Then, it will be a really good day." Louie Schwartzberg
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The Start of Something New and Desperate Action

posted by Susan Dominikovich on ,


I am not the sort of person to get an idea in my head and just go with it.  For me, even the best and oftentimes most obvious idea will take a lot of nurturing, care and consideration.  An idea requires all circumstances to fall into place and preferably a goal to be achieved at the end of it.  The process of actually starting on the idea might take days, weeks, or even months.  Sometimes those ideas (especially the late night bolt upright in bed "better write that down!" sort of ideas), never even come close to fruition.  Last night, I had an idea.  Today I have started it.  Don't be fooled, however, into thinking this idea didn't require some sort of desperate action.  The desperate action it required?  de-clutter.

This is what my desk, my creative space looked like this morning.  Not pretty.  Desperate action indeed.  Unused craft supplies, misplaced cheques, buried books, children's swimming certificates and ribbons, a printer that needs another home, a seldom-used hair-dryer, not to mention all sorts of unwanted bits of paper from work and life that have stock-piled.  All are uninvited blockages in my creative space.  Enemies to headspace as well as physical space.  Intrusions on my life preventing me from being the person I'm meant to be: a writer. I am a writer.

And so, after less than an hour of desperate action, my creative space has become mine again.  De-cluttered.  Completely void of blockages, enemies and intruders.  I am left with a wonderful free space bordered by an assortment of inspirational treasures:  a photo of me with my beloved, a few special books, a gift that reminds me "a friend is the one who brings out the best in us" (because mine do) and finally the tool of my trade, my laptop.  All perfectly arranged.  And beautiful.

Of course, as a writer and an English teacher in a former life, I cannot resist the obvious parallels.  This wasn't simply a housework frenzy on a rainy grey Tuesday.  I have de-cluttered more than my desk.  Usually when people talk about de-cluttering their life, they are referring to their intention to get off the treadmill, to resist the stuff that makes their lives so crazily manic.  My clutter has been of the emotional kind.  Sometimes life gets messy.  Sometimes storms come and we wade our way through as best as we can, with help from whatever sources are on offer but even when the storm is over, we forget that we can start to swim again. A few months ago I faced a storm and it has left a mess. A lot of clutter has been intruding on my headspace and on my heart.  But the storm is over.  Time to clean up the mess.  Time to swim again.  Issues, ugly events, dark memories, hurts and even people do not deserve the space they have taken up in my head and heart.  De-clutter.  Just as cleaning my desk took less than an hour, de-cluttering my head and heart took only a conscious decision to put it all away, to give it not another thought or even an ounce of emotional energy.  It is no longer there.

Let this first post signal the start of something new.  There will be no more of myself given to intruders.  I have de-cluttered.  Plenty of space now.  Plenty of space for beautiful things.


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