"Let the gratefulness overflow into blessing all around you. Then, it will be a really good day." Louie Schwartzberg
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For Naomi, A Beautiful Thing

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Work kind of got in the way of life today.

I've had a heavy heart for a few days and I've been praying.  Today I had to work.  You can't really have a heavy heart when you are teaching 8-10 year olds.  Even if you start out that way, it will not last because the children are altogether lovely.  Still, my heart was heavy and finally I soothed it, listening to this song in the car during my 5 minute drive to work.

It was good.  It set me upon the things that mattered for the day.  I was able to help a new boy settle in to the school on his first day even though I was only a reliever.  That's what counts.

After work I rushed to pick up my kideos from their school and take Madeline to ballet.  It all went swimmingly without any stress.

Home.  Afternoon tea for three while Madeline was dancing her little heart out.  Negotiations on computer time.  Wii time.  And finally I thought to turn on my phone and catch up on the news of the day.

Oh heavy heart.

24 minutes earlier, my friend Melinda posted on facebook that her darling angel Naomi had passed away to be with Jesus.

Oh heavy heart.

Homework still had to be done.

Negotiations continued.

Dinner cooked.

And while I cooked, I listened to All Sons & Daughters, my new favourite band of worship music thanks to a friend who's known me only a short time but knows me well and was inspired by God to share them with me.  Because that's what God does.  He gives one person a nudge and makes them do or say something which is exactly right for someone else.  Exactly right.  Anyway, All Sons & Daughters.  They are exactly right any day of the week.  Folk Christian duets.  Right up my alley.

But the words!  And the music!  For such a time as this.

I ended up in a heap of tears on the middle of my kitchen floor.  

And then our Abby.  "Mummy, you promised you would sew bunny together again."

"But I was..." (gulp, pick myself up off the floor, wipe tears away) "...working today Sweetheart."

"But you promised."  

Apparently, I promised.

If you know anything about me, you will know that I do not sew.  I do not regularly listen to Christian music (worship is different), I do not read Christian books (except Mark Hall's The Well and Oswald Chambers' My Utmost for His Highest which is a devotional so doesn't count).  And I do not sew.  Not even a button.

So tonight, I sewed.

I rummaged through a cupboard full of bits and bobs to find thread.  Pink thread for a pink bunny no less.  Even a needle. 

And I sewed.

I shredded lettuce for wraps and I chopped tomatoes.  I cooked chicken tenders and mushrooms.  

And I sewed. 

Bunny looked fantastic in the end.

His neck was no longer a gaping ugly hole, his head no longer hanging on by a thread and his ear no longer ripped off.

Bunny looked fantastic.

I could fix Bunny.  And a little girl smiled.

No one could fix Naomi.  

I do believe in miracles...I do, I do.

But there was no miracle for Naomi.

And while she sings and dances and laughs in heaven with Jesus right now, full head of hair flying beneath her beautiful princess crown as she spins, eyes sparkling and cheeks flushed, my heart aches.

My heart aches for her mother, her father, her brother and sister who will no longer feel her plump little arms wrapped around their necks.  My heart aches for her mother, her father, her brother and sister who will no longer hear her voice singing with laughter.   My heart aches for her mother, her father, her brother and sister who will never see her grow up. 

Who will no longer hear her say, "I love you."  

And so I hold my little ones tighter tonight, while Naomi dances in heaven.  

A beautiful thing dancing in heaven.


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