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A Bit of Superhero Anxiety

posted by Susan Dominikovich on ,


My kiddios met me at the school gate full of excitement and anticipation today.  They are having a "superhero" mufti day on Friday.  They can exchange their uniform in favour of a superhero costume of their choice as well as a donation to a worthy charity.

I have no problem at all that the school is fund-raising.  

I have a problem with dressups at 8:30 in the morning.  Times four.

I have a particular problem with superheros. 

Yes, I am a bit of a scrooge.

If you know one thing about me, you will know that I get extremely anxious at the thought of having to make/find/prepare costumes for my children. Book days, Light Parties, St. Patrick's Day, Superhero day, etc.  I stress and get anxious to the point of hyperventilating.  I practically break out in hives.  I know there are mothers out there that can whip up an amazing creation out of a bit of burlap and feathers.  Not me.  I am not that way inclined.  And I never seem to have burlap and feathers at hand anyway.

So Paul arrived home tonight to not so much as a "hello."  I think he was a bit cross about that.  I don't blame him.  But Madeline and I were up to our eyes in Google Images and up to our elbows in beads.  We were on a mission and were quite pleased with ourselves; we were three days in advance of our deadline.  If only she were an only child!

Needle protruding from the corner of my mouth, I murmured to a perplexed, somewhat neglected husband as he walked through the door, "dress up day Friday.  Superheros.  And I'm working."  

He got the picture.  He wisely dropped his bag and turned around again.  Went outside to shoot some hoops with Sam.


Thankfully, Sam's friend was himself a superhero when I picked them up from school.  He must have seen that look of fear/pain/tension/panic come across my face when they exclaimed to me that they needed to dress up on Friday.  Sam's friend was already dressed as a ninja and told me how Sam could be one too, exactly what we needed, how to put it on and even offered to give him a couple of shooting/knife/star/thingys.  Superhero enough.

Bless him.

Down to three.

I took a deep breath in the car.  As I exhaled, I said, "girls, whatever you want to do, it has to be your idea, your inspiration, your creation ENTIRELY.  Otherwise, it's not fair."  A bit of super-mum inspiration there.  Did you catch it?

"What's a superhero?"  Our Abby.


And then, I thought about it.  What is a superhero?

If you Google Images "female superhero" you'll get a pretty limited idea.  Scantily clad, buxom and sexy.  On the surface of it, that's what makes a female superhero.  I presume they all have special powers that make them strong/invisible/extendable/all-seeing/etc.  They save the world just as easily as their male counterparts.  And they look the part at the same time.

Then our Madeline said, "I could be Sacagewea.  She's a superhero."

Pardon me?

"Sacagewea.  The girl from Night of the Museum.  She's a superhero."  

Yes Madeline, she certainly is.

But just to make sure, I said, "what did she do that makes her a superhero?"  It's the teacher in me.

"Sacagawea led those explorer guys all over the North America wilderness with a baby strapped to her back.  She helped them."

That's what my girl said.

She remembered the name of Sacagawea, but couldn't remember the names of Lewis and Clark, "those explorer guys."

And I was so proud of her, I determined Sacagewea she would be, despite a distinct lack of burlap in our house.

We rummaged and found a brown top and a brown skirt.  Both of us set about sewing beads and nipping and tucking a little bit.  We experimented with how to make a good papoose for her baby doll and it worked so well, she wore it well into the evening.  We'll put braids into her hair and a couple of feathers.  And she'll tell anyone who asks that she is dressed as Sacagewea and just why she is a superhero.  And it's only Tuesday.

Violet and Abigail in the meantime, have together decided to be the Invisible Woman from The Fantastic Four.  She's the only female superhero they have come across in their lifetime.  And she is pretty cool, dressed in tight pants and tight top.  Blond, buxom, sexy, but pretty cool.  She can be invisible after all.

Fictional of course.

Sacagewea on the other hand?  

She's a real superhero.

Two Invisible Women from Fantastic Four, Sacagewea and a Ninja


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