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In the Midst of the Storm

posted by Susan Dominikovich on , ,

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We had a severe storm last night.  We woke up to news of slips and power outages and road closures across the province.  I lay in bed and prayed fervently, "Please God, please...let the sun shine tomorrow.  I need the sun to shine."

The truth is, I prayed that desperate prayer because I've had enough of my own metaphorical storm.  I've had enough.  Please God, let the sun shine tomorrow.  I've had enough.  Enough of the injustice and the hurt.  Enough.

And as the wind raged and the roof felt like it would lift and while the rain hammered the windows, God spoke to me.  And this is what He said.

God said, "This storm outside your window...this is my storm.  This is me.  This is my anger, my wrath.  This is the equivalent of overturning the tables in the temple.  You think you're angry...you think you are hurt...you think this injustice is about you.  It's not.  It's about Me.  It is Me that they are hurting.  It is my Holy Spirit in you that is grieving so badly.  But this.  This storm.  This is how powerful I am.  I will rip out anything that is not firmly rooted in the ground and I will wash away superfluous earth that is achieving nothing.  The streams and rivers will rise and justice will "roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream."  (Amos 5:24).  And He also reminded me that in my metaphorical storm, I am the one holding on to Jesus as He carries me through my storm.  I will not get swept away or ripped apart. He was telling me that I didn't have to fear either storm.  

So when you find yourself in a storm, there may very well be a time to wail and cry and rage.  Take that time to grieve, to mourn, to feel the hurt.  Have a Job moment.  Have plenty of Job moments.  But through your raging and your tears, remember that God is all-powerful and all-knowing and your battle is not with flesh and blood.  When His Spirit in you grieves, He grieves far more than you do.  When He sees injustice, He feels far more anger and indignation than you do.  The storm is His.  But He is also merciful.  And while He may destroy cities, ravage fields and reduce tall oaks to mere stumps (Isaiah 6:11-13) in the storm of His wrath, He is the God of second chances.  And third and fourth and fifth....  Make sure you are holding on to Jesus in whatever storm you find yourself.  He is the only assurance you have that you will not be blown away or torn apart.

I am no longer afraid of the storm.  Let it rain God, let it rain.

Let it rain, let it rain.
Open the floodgates of Heaven.

I feel the rains of Your Love, 
I feel the winds of Your Spirit,
And now the heartbeat of Heaven,
Let us hear.

Because we want to see You;
Show us Your Glory.
And we want to know You, Lord.

Not long after writing the post above and giving it a title, but undecided about whether or not to publish it, I had a visit from two wonderful ladies who prayed for me.  At some point during that time, the sun began to shine.  The storm was over.  After they left, I went to my letterbox.  There waiting for me, in the beautiful script of an elderly hand was a note.  The note said, 


There's a wild storm raging around you which has ripped into you and torn you -- but the Good Shepherd walks in the storm surrounded by violent destructive whirling winds, pouring rain and roaring thunder, yet the Shepherd walks close, calm & strong in the midst of that storm.

He looks and sees the mess, perhaps weeps at the destruction, then He picks up your torn pieces, lovingly puts them back together and gently cradles you in the crook of his arm close to His heart of love.

The storm still rages all around -- it's a vicious, savage cruel storm, but you are secure in The Good Shepherd's arms.  He understands His wee hurting lass and His love will bring you healing.

His longing is to lead you by still waters -- quiet pools of fresh waters, refreshing and restoring, but till then I think He says, in the chill that surrounds your heart feel the warmth of my love, know My mercy and compassion and rest in My arms.

This is for you today 14th October as I sought the Lord for words for you.  With Love...

And so it turns out, the other thing that God does so well in the storm is He raises up His servants and tells them, "this for her, now please."  Such a comfort and a blessing.  Our God is an awesome God.  

Perhaps this, now for you.

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