"Let the gratefulness overflow into blessing all around you. Then, it will be a really good day." Louie Schwartzberg
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Magical Magic

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Abby on the walkway

Madeline, Violet and Abby, about to embark on our adventure

And Buster too

A wee break in the shadow of the wall

Abs wondering how far we have come 
Surf-lifesavers setting up for their races and events

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Such a good dog

We have had an amazing spring.

We’ve had long days and warm nights playing in the yard and sitting on the patio together as a family and with friends.  Together enjoying the peace and the calm and the rest.

Our long summery days are numbered.  Three weeks and counting…off to Canada for a northern hemisphere Christmas with much-loved family and much-missed friends.  No regrets here:  we’ll enjoy the magic and the lights and the cold and the snuggles by the fire and the dark at 4:00 and the turkey and the pumpkin pie and the hot apple cider and the egg nog latte.

If I shut my eyes I can just about taste the egg nog latte.

But then I open them and it’s a different sort of magic.  Heat waves shimmering off the road, paddling pool full but leaking, children with russet cheeks and chlorine-bleached hair, laughing, dog panting, sun-lovers seeking shade.

This morning was no exception to our amazing spring.  And with the countdown toward winter already started, Paul got us up and out the door at a reasonable hour.  He had a plan.

I love it when my husband has a plan.

The girls and Buster and I were dropped off at the Wind Wand (via Starbucks for a cup of Christmas--it was a very good plan) and we walked/scootered/rode the 2 ½ km along the walkway to Fitzroy Beach.  Sam and Paul drove to the beach via the toy shop.  Converging together onto our picnic blankets on the sand, we joined the throngs of Surf-lifesavers and Naki sun-lovers and enjoyed a couple of hours at the beach.  We chased Buster into the water, swam in the warmth of the November sea, jumped and dived through waves, covered ourselves in sand, and rested. 

It wasn’t just a magic day.

It was a magical magic day.  The stuff of holidays and staycations.  The stuff of family together and no one rushing and no one stressing but all thoroughly gladdened to be here.  Now.  In this moment.  The girls made new friends and we caught up with old ones.  The children explored their independence in the water and on the rocks while Buster explored other beach-lovers' bags and towels.  But they always knew where to find us and always came back to our little haven in the sand.  Even Buster.

A few weeks from now, when I'm sitting in Starbucks sipping my egg nog latte clad in jeans and polar fleece, if I close my eyes I might just be able to smell the blossom of the cabbage trees, feel the sun on my skin, and taste the salt water on my lips.


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