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Simple Family Time and Growing up Well

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A few years ago we started a tradition of Sunday night Bible stories as a family.  I'm not sure whose idea it was but the tradition involved each of the children taking a turn in creating their own interpretation of the story with paper and markers as Paul read aloud and we discussed the events.  We have two folders filled with these interpretations.  Not only are they precious pieces of artwork but they exhibit the personalities and artistic creativity of each of our kiddios in turn.  The early pictures show rough-drawn stick figures with block colours and the latest ones have much more perspective and details. 

Abigail's interpretation of Joseph and his Dream Coat, 20/2/11

Each picture is priceless.  The folders are treasured and heavily guarded.  If there were a fire, they would be the first things I would grab, before any other documents or photographs.  

For one reason or another, the tradition lost its way a year or so back.  There is a season for everything and we sort of accepted that the season for family Bible stories was past.  In actual fact, we had become busy with other things and other people so our priority of simple family time had shifted. 

I am glad to say, simple family time has been reclaimed and I plan to guard it now like we do those picture folders on my shelf. 

So last night on Mother's Day after a dinner cooked by Daddy, our poxy family sat down for a Bible story together.  We have been struck by the chicken pox and although one of our girls hasn't come down with it, the other two are on the mend and back at school.  Our 12-year old has been hit the hardest.  I have one thing to say about that.  Be wise:  immunise.  

In keeping with our poxy week, Paul decided he would read a story about Jesus and the leper.  We all saw the humour.  We discussed what it meant to be a leper in those days and who our modern lepers might be today (in general terms).  It was a good lesson on being inclusive and not judging by appearances or circumstances as well as one which focused on Jesus' unconditional love.

Feeling a little more himself yesterday, our 12-year old was chosen to be the artist for the story, a task to which he applied himself whole-heartedly even though he is not keen on drawing or colouring.  And on this, my 12th Mother's Day as a mother, I watched my first-born hunched over the coffee table for his task, his gangly legs stretched and bent awkwardly beneath him.  I looked at his beautiful face covered with spots and could imagine the acne of a teenager.  His long arms and legs and size 6 feet in socks too small fit the picture and I thought:  "Help!  When did that happen?  When did my baby grow up?"

I was still in wonder over this when he showed us his picture and explained to us why he drew the house with a flat roof and stairs on the outside and other details too, and as he spoke with maturity and sophisticated vocabulary, I thought, yes, my boy is growing up.

He's growing up well.


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