"Let the gratefulness overflow into blessing all around you. Then, it will be a really good day." Louie Schwartzberg
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On saying ENOUGH! and a community saying it with me

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In my most unimaginable week, when I knew I had an enemy who intended to harm me, when I found myself in my very own episode of Doctor Who facing the ugliest of the Slitheens too big for his stolen skin, my son gave me a hug.

My 12-going-on-13-year-old-anti-touch-since-being-in-the-cot-son gave me a hug.


Because he knew.  He just knew:  mama needed a hug.

In fact, God knew.  God knew I needed a hug.  I've had lots of them this week, both physical and virtual from so many people but what better miracle--what better way for God to say "I know what you need," than for my anti-touch son to spontaneously wrap his gangly arms around me, awkwardly bend his head toward my cradling shoulder without exactly leaning in, and say something so simple and so beautiful as "thanks for all the wonderful dinners you cook for us Mum."  


Because this is the week where I have seen evil and stood up to it and said, "no more! This stops now!"  But I did not do it alone.  Oh no.  As strong as I am, I could never have done it alone: "who will believe me?"  The words of a every victim of abuse, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. Who will believe me?


This is the week where I have been embraced by my community...my actual God-given community who or may not acknowledge Him for themselves, who have stood and said with me in a great big Jesus-over-turning-tables-in-the-temple voice: "ENOUGH!"  They have combined their strong and protective arms with my son's around me, some in uniform, and I have exhaled a long sigh of relief. They have stood with me, and they have surrounded me.  They have loved and they have protected.  Together in full volume they have said, enough.

This is the community I love and value no matter what they believe. This, the community which understands love and loyalty and authenticity even if they don't understand Jesus Christ.

They may not understand Him; but He understands them.  And they are fantastic.


I love them.  And I am so grateful for them.

Thank you.

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