"Let the gratefulness overflow into blessing all around you. Then, it will be a really good day." Louie Schwartzberg
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A New Year and a New Word

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My word for 2014 was Wolf.  After a mammoth 2013, fighting some battles and walking away from others, I was still in defence mode.  It was a learned response and a difficult one from which to disengage.  I sat amongst the safety of friends and family in Canada writing my New Year's post and I knew that when we hit the ground back in New Zealand I would be prepared to fight again.  Nothing and no one would harm my family. 

Just let them try.

And they did try.  They tried, and we wrapped our strong wolf arms around each other and defended ourselves again and so they failed to harm us.  It was exhausting.

But through all of our “wolf” year, another word weaved itself into our lives.  The word was limbo.



2014 became the year of promise for us, the promise of new things, but the year in which we would have to wait for those promises to be fulfilled.  We knew that certain changes needed to be made and we embraced those changes whole-heartedly.  Yet, they did not come as we would have hoped.

So we waited and we prayed and we followed God’s direction and we waited some more, knowing that we were in His favour and that eventually the waiting would end.

December 19th  2014, the waiting ended.

We sold the house we had built six years earlier, the house full of memories both beautiful and painful, and we moved out of it forever.  As you would expect, I felt some sadness but no regret.

I was too relieved to feel any regret.

Relieved and excited.

Tremendously excited.

Because finally, the waiting was over and from that day living in limbo, living in the wilderness, was over too.  From that day, we began to launch. 

A few days before moving, two elderly wise friends who had cried and prayed with us through the battles and the hurt of the year past, came to say good-bye and to pray once more.  This time, the tears we shared together were tears of joy.  And as Margaret held my hand between her ancient ones while we affirmed her for the word she’d given us months ago, that we were to “launch out into the deep and let down our nets” (Luke 5:4), she smiled with her eyes and spoke to our hearts:

“And what happened when Peter launched into the deep water?  He caught so many fish, the nets started to break.”  There was a twinkle in her eye as she said it.

And so my word for 2015 is launch.  My family is launching out into the deep and we are wriggling from the excitement of it.  We do not know what it looks like yet, but will embrace each step and each adventure.

At the moment it means we are homeless and on the trip of a lifetime, exploring the South Island of New Zealand.  It means we wake up and check the weather, look at the map and decide what to do or where to go next.  There is no return plan yet. It means taking in the sites and wonders of this amazing part of the world and pinching ourselves daily.  It means clambering through grassy hills with friends, swimming under waterfalls, watching the sun rise over mountains geocaching along rivers, sneezing in the Canterbury Nor’wester and sharing our stories together as a family.  The memories we are creating on this trip alone are already starting to strain the nets.

Although we do not know what fish there are to catch, we do know that what lies ahead for us is plentiful. 

And beautiful.

And golden.

An abundant life.

Because it has been promised us by God.

Happy New Year my dear reader.  May your nets fill to bursting this year too.

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