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Using the Cheat Code

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I was happily washing the dishes the other day, thinking about autumn layers and what goes with what while the man-child sat playing Minecraft on the laptop. It is not a silent thing, this boy playing with virtual worlds and I usually let him alone with his self-talk, tuning in only when something in particular was directed at me. Suddenly I heard the word "cheat."

Suds on dishes, I stopped and said, "what did you just say?" Because this family does not cheat.  Ever.

"Well it's not like I'm trying to win or anything," he explained.  "I'm just going to cheat with a code to turn the storm off."

In my mind this was still cheating. Clearly the storm is there for a purpose in the game. It's supposed to challenge the player, get him or her to learn to problem-solve.  The teacher in me knows this is a good thing.

So I probed and asked, "What's wrong with a storm?"

In an instant, the man-child said, "storms cause fires and they hurt people."

Storms cause fires and they hurt people.

Yes. Yes they do.

My family has weathered a few storms recently. In the scheme of things, we endured some heavy wind. Maybe a bit of hail and the odd thunderstorm thrown in. At the time scary enough but probably because we didn't know if the storm would ease or in fact increase in intensity. The storm challenged us and we learned to problem-solve. In fact, we learned to batten down the hatches and grew stronger for it.

But sometimes, storms cause fire and they hurt people.

I wonder how many of us would like to know the cheat code to stop the storms?

I get it, dear man-child of mine.  Carry on.

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